5 Trending Interior Styles & the Instagram Accounts That Do Them Best

Ready for some serious interior style inspiration?

A lovely side effect to the obsessive amount of time and energy I put into pouring through Instagram, Pinterest, HGTV, and the internet at large is that I’m pretty dialed into what’s trending now in the world of interior decor. I basically don’t have a choice - this knowledge just goes with the territory of being a compulsive interiors addict.

So from my extensive research (*ahem* - obsessing and borderline stalking - *ahem*), I’m here to clue you into these cool, current styles and the instagram accounts that rock them. If you have a new living situation you’re in the process of decorating, or if you just want to uplevel the style in your current home, feast your eyes on these gorgeous looks for some inspiration!

1. Urban Jungle

Having a home that looks like you rolled the Jumanji dice and magically had jungle vegetation sprout up everywhere is super in right now. People are doing incredible things with their plant choices these days! And the main choice that seems to be happening with plants right now is: more is MORE. I frankly don’t know how they keep their in-home jungles alive; I prefer plants of the faux variety due to their propensity to... not die due to my incompetence. But I’m perfectly content to live vicariously through these amazing green-thumbed accounts.



How jaw-droppingly beautiful is Hanna's style? Her abundance of plants is complimented by her cool boho aesthetic. I imagine Hanna's home is a pretty blissful place to wake up in every morning. Imagine: you wake up on a Sunday morning, make yourself some french press coffee, play some Bob Dylan on vinyl and just take in the scenery of this place. Surrounded by shades of green, brown, and white, you just kick back and let the good vibes flow. Ah, I'm super relaxed and happy just imagining myself in Hanna's space. Not a bad mindset to be in at the start of this list.


Visiting Elena's grid is like getting a glimpse into a lush fairy tale world. Plants, pastels, fairy lights, and frequent cameos from her adorable kitty make her account a delight to witness. And her home is jam-packed with beautiful plants which makes it look like she lives in an enchanted garden. Could you imagine coming home to that level of beauty every day? It seems like the urban jungle aesthetic is more than just a style for Elena - it's a way of life, and she is fully committed to it.


Dunja's account makes my gray-loving heart so happy. There's really something about gray paired with green that simply creates instant beauty. In addition to her gorgeous plants, she also plays with texture in a lovely way with furry throws, rustic woods, and that stunning patterned tapestry behind her bed. Her home is a green jungle palace with so much beauty to look at that it's easy to get lost in her grid trying to imagine yourself living in such an amazing home. Plus, she's another Insta account that often features an adorable feline guest, which is always guaranteed to make me an instant fan.

2. Boho Chic (it's chicer than ever)

I’m not talking about your typical boho chic, filled with bright colors, Persian style rugs, and high end hippie accessories (but don’t get me wrong - I love all that); these are some talented individuals who are taking boho to the next level of chic. These Instagram accounts have really innovated a new version of the boho look that plays on the boho accents we all know and love, but totally heightens the style in their own unique way.



Something really exciting is happening in the boho decor world right now: black and white. The idea of taking a style that is known to be typically colorful and making it black and white is pretty brilliant if you ask me. And Judith of @kalk_katt does this exquisitely. I mean, black and white Moroccan?? What cool concept! You know when you see an Instagram account that makes you want to completely redecorate your space? That's what Judith's account does to me.  Seriously, her photos make my heart flutter every time I see them.


Right off the bat, I have to say how crazy I am about the idea of black walls with boho styling. And Liz executes it beautifully. She layers lush textures and colors in a way that looks effortless and meant-to-be. All her perfectly placed accessories and prints could easily have turned into a busy mess, but Liz's skill totally shines through and makes for a visually interesting and just plain cool space. Plus, I'm a sucker for a well-styled piano, and Liz's piano really does it for me. And I love the chance to give a shout-out to a fellow Washington State girl!


Tatjana does something I'm really into: she incorporates rock and roll in her decor aesthetic. Even aside from the awesome musician prints she rocks on her walls, her overall style really captures the essence and swagger of rock and roll. There's drama here, and it's the kind of drama I crave - lush textures, a color palette of blacks and browns and greens, interesting little accents that tell a story... And I mean, the "Take a Bath You Dirty Hippie" print - how brazenly (yet ironically) boho can you get? Tatjana's Insta game is another one I just can't get enough of. Please give me more! 

3. Scandi

I love me some Scandi. With Scandinavian style, it’s all about clean lines, minimalism, functionality, monochrome, and major tidiness. I love looking at Insta accounts who rock this style, because I don’t think I could ever have the self discipline required to pull off the clean minimalism of Scandi. So I love to live out my clean, Scandi dreams vicariously through these accounts.



You know what I feel every time I see a photo by Jenni of @2xilo? Frankly, I think I feel jealousy. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Her home is exquisite, and my jealousy comes from the fact that I don't think I would ever be able to achieve this style of hers, due to my propensity toward maximalism. But Jenni somehow makes her Scandi minimalism look abundant.  As a style, Scandi  can have a tendency to come across as cold and stark, but Jenni's space is quite the opposite: it's warm and inviting, even with a cool, monochrome color palette.


If you're ever in need of a lovely dose of visual valium, just scroll through Maria of @scandihome's grid. A few minutes spent on her account leaves me feeling relaxed, content, and inspired. Her space is a work of art, masterfully pieced together with a level of restraint I can't even fathom possessing when it comes to home styling. With Maria's home, it's about what's not there as much as what is there - the empty spaces say as much as the accessorized ones. I mean it, if your brain is ever overwhelmed and cluttered from your busy, often stressful life, just visit @scandihome's Instagram. You'll feel better afterwards. I swear.


Marjut of @mk.boho does something with her Scandi decor that I can’t get enough of: she gives her Scandi style a boho twist. The idea of marrying two seemingly contradictory styles is SO visually interesting and beautiful, and Marjut does it exquisitely. It’s like her home decor has the overall bones of Scandi, which she fleshes out with tastefully layered boho-style pillows, throws, and miscellaneous accessories. Simultaneously, she keeps a disciplined monochrome color palette of black, white, and gray with strategically (or perhaps intuitively) placed pops of brown and green. Her style is Scandi minimalism with a dash of boho maximalism, and I’m such a fan! 

4. Dark and Moody glamour

Dark and Moody - now this is my realm. Although my apartment can’t even hold a candle to the level of dark and moody glamour in these accounts. For one thing, I don’t have the guts to paint the walls in my apartment black (alas, rental woes) while these ladies go full force into the dark side with their decor. And I LOVE them for it.



There's no other way to put it: Abigail Ahern is an interiors hero who has inspired people by the truckloads on Instagram. She's a true pioneer of the dark, moody aesthetic. Every time I see a photo of hers, "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones pops into my head and I'm consumed by a feverish desire to whip out a paintbrush and paint every single one of my walls black. But aside from her use of black, what I think makes her really special is the way she is able to convey major glamour through the subtlest of touches. And when she decides to be unsubtle - with a grand chandelier or an ornate black fireplace - you really feel it. And it feels damn good.


When I think of dark decor, I immediately think of Sally of @flowerheartflower. Hers was one of the first interiors accounts I fell in love with when I started exploring the interiors community on Instagram, and I can't get enough. She epitomizes this style. And you know what she is? She's gutsy with her decor choices. I mean for one thing, she really knows her way around a cheetah print. She does things I would never even think of, and it's downright inspiring. If you're like me and you want more,  check out FlowerHeartFlower's beautiful decor blog!)


Eniko of @mydarkhome_ does some wonderfully fresh and innovative things with her decor. Case and point: the ombre walls in her bedroom. I don't know about you, but in the endless number of hours I spend scouring Instagram for interiors inspiration, I haven't seen a bedroom quite like this one! The rest of her home fully embraces the art of black paint, lush textures, and super cool accessories. Let's just say, girl knows how to use decorative pillows to enhance the aesthetic of her space. Plus, she was recently featured in The Girl with the Green Sofa's legendary interior decor blog, which is just too cool.

5. Modern Rustic

This is my other realm. If I were to define my apartment’s style, it would be modern rustic all the way. I just love the idea of marrying the old with the new and playing with that duality through decor. It’s all about vintage-style accessories, wood accents, and Edison bulbs paired with the flow and functionality of the modern mindset. It’s just fun playing with two contradicting ideas - old and new - and seeing what comes from that friction. And these accounts are the best at playing that game.



Virpi of @storm_and_clay is one of my favorite people on Instagram. Aside from how beautiful her style is, her captions are like a ray of sunshine, which is funny coming from an account called @storm_and_clay. She's just a lovely person. And her presence on Instagram is so distinct; you know a @storm_and_clay photo the second you see it. Her grid features gray upon gray upon gray, like a gorgeous, cloudy day in Autumn. Her life with her family in their little fisherman's cottage in Finland is the height of rustic charm. And they actually just moved to Helsinki (while keeping their famous country cottage), so that means we get to see what Virpi does with her new space. I can't wait!


Reena of @hygge_for_home consistently makes my rustic, industrial dreams come true. And before I say anything else, can we just take a moment and appreciate her perfectly organized shelves in her kitchen? All those jars and mugs lined up in perfect rows... my type-A heart can barely deal with how visually satisfying that is. If I could magically recreate everything about someone's home as my own, it'd probably be Reena's. She just completely captures my style to a tee. I'm also in awe of the materials showcased in her home: raw wood, brick, subway tiles, copper... it all comes together like an industrial symphony that I yearn to play as well as Reena!


If you ask me, Bobby-Jo is THE cool girl of Instagram interiors. Her style is just cool. She takes the rustic/industrial vibe and gives it an edge that I'm crazy for. I mean, her bathroom pictured above straight up features antlers and a T-Rex figurine. That's just COOL. Please do yourself a favor and scroll through Bobby-Jo's grid. What you'll find is an extremely chic, magazine-worthy rustic style with some really unique accessories. I know I just said I'd magically copy @hygge_for_home's style if I could, but the same goes for Bobby-Jo. I'd emulate her exquisite edginess any day.

Ahhh do you feel that? That’s what inspiration overdose feels like, and damn, it feels good.

Which style is your favorite?? Do you use other people’s Instagram accounts to help guide you in your interior styling process? If not, where do you get your ideas? Tell me in the comments!

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