3 Inspiring Dark Decor Pins and How to Get the Looks

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Hello darklings, my fellow lovers of moody dark decor for whom the Rolling Stones song “Paint it Black” is a mantra we take quite literally.

And to those of you who are just entertaining the idea of walking to the dark side of your interior style: hello to you too!

Introducing Pretty in Pins - a brand new blog post series here on Moda Misfit! In this first Pretty in Pins post, we’re exploring one of my favorite things: dark interior decor.

How to get the dark decor look!

A Pretty in Pins post takes a few inspiring, quality pins from Pinterest and explores how to get similar looks based on the pins’ style. And when I say quality pins, I mean pins that will take you to quality content such as blog posts and articles I genuinely think you’d love. It’s not just pretty pictures here!

So if you are a Pinterest junkie who is convinced that hyper-stylish rooms are reserved for some kind of mythical Pinterest-elite, Pretty in Pins is here to prove you wrong.

Beautiful interior style is totally attainable, and you were born to achieve it if you desire it.

And before we dive into Pretty in Pins, I have something for you if you’re really into the moody dark decor vibe and want a solid go-to source of inspiration to keep on your desktop - digital or physical.

It’s my Little Black Book of Dark Decor Inspiration, which guides you through who to follow on Instagram for the very best dark decor ideas and where to shop to find unique dark decor pieces.

Plus, it includes my Dark Decor Room Recipe, which serves as an easy checklist of the basic elements you can use to create the dark room of your dreams. Or in this case perhaps - you nightmares. Heh. 🖤

Click here to download the Little Black Book of Dark Decor Inspiration!

Now let’s get into Pretty in Pins, and I’ll see you on the dark side of the room. ✌️

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, at no extra cost to my lovely readers. I only link the things I love!

Click through this pin and you will be taken to a stunning home tour blog post by Dear Designer’s Blog, featuring Catherine Ashton - aka @bo_decor over on Instagram. I’m already a huge fan of Catherine’s style from following her on Instagram, and she happens to be one of the accounts I’ve listed in my Little Black Book of Dark Decor Inspiration. Click here if you want to see the rest of the list!

If you’re inspired by this enchanting dark bedroom, here are some things you can buy to tap into the same vibe!

This glamorous dark room is featured in this home tour post from Livingetc. If you click through, you’ll find a home that boldly displays drama and edge with an almost reckless abandon. Teetering on the extravagant, it’s a home that’s a feast for the eyes - plenty to chew on here!

Here are some things you can buy if you want to create that dark, glamorous vibe in pictured in the pin:

This pin will take you to a quick home tour blog post from Berenice Big, featuring a cool, artsy loft in South Africa. It’s a dark decor dream as well as an urban jungle oasis, and I could totally picture myself living there. Quirky meets classic with this one, from the neon sign to the vintage style rug, from the statue wall tapestry to the timeless marble coffee table. I’m kind of in love over here.

Shop below to get a similar vibe in your home!

Ahh, if you’re anything like me, you feel nice and inspired by the interior decor talent out there and how masterfully they create the dark decor vibe. My dark little soul is singing right now. Is yours?

If you want to dive deeper into the world of dark interior decor, click here to download my FREE Little Black Book of Dark Decor Inspiration!

Hope you enjoyed this Pretty in Pins post! What style should I cover next? Tell me in the comments!


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