3 Lovely Interior Decor Bloggers To Get Inspired By Today

Enough about me for a second. Let’s talk about some other interior decor bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of e-meeting recently. Spoiler alert: if you’re a fan of DIY decor projects, upcycling ideas, and thrifting, all three of these blogs are likely to tickle your fancy.

Allow me to introduce you!

Interior decor bloggers to get inspired by today!

1. Jackie Can’t Blog

Jackie is a lovely person I met through Instagram. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, Jackie CAN blog! If you want a source of inspiration for all things thrifty, upcycling, and crafty, Jackie is your girl.

She also has a lovely quirky vibe to her decor sensibilities - I mean, have you seen her gnome garden? I’m over here on Moda Misfit talking about fairies all the time, meanwhile Jackie has a luxury living situation for gnomes! Talking about #interiorfairytale. 😉 (that’s my hashtag in case you didn’t know! Feel free to use it whenever you post an interior decor photo!)

Here are some awesome posts from Jackie Can’t Blog:

2. Living With Liz

You know what I really love about Liz? She’s all about the rental life! As a fellow renter, I’m always here to celebrate anyone who offers style tips for rental spaces. And let’s face it: the rental life is simply the reality for so many of us millennials, so why not make the most of it? Who said renters can’t create beautiful sanctuaries that make them feel inspired and comfortable every day just because there are certain limitations that come with renting?

Liz’s blog offers some great DIY and how-to posts you can totally use for your home, rental or not.

Check these posts out!

3. Sweet Southern Oaks

Oh hello beautiful farmhouse decor! Sweet Southern Oaks is a haven for rustic farmhouse lovers. Ashlee’s blog is a like a slice of homemade apple pie, with plenty of DIY and thrifting inspo to boot. While I like to think of Moda Misfit as the kind of weird goth girl who lurks in the shadows of the blogging world, Sweet Southern Oaks is basking in the sweet-as-honey sunlight my friends!

I mean, her “about” page ends with “Grab a glass of sweet tea, and follow along as we turn our 1980s house into a home one DIY project at a time chat about life in between.” I’m so on board, Ashlee, and I’d love to take you up on that glass of sweet tea.

Here are some great posts from Sweet Southern Oaks!

Since starting Moda Misfit a few months ago, one of my favorite discoveries I’ve made about blogging is how supportive my fellow bloggers and Instagrammers are. This is a world where women lift each other up and truly delight in doing so.

The blogging universe is simply a badass place for women and I’m honored to be hanging out here with them. ✌

Who are some of your favorite decor bloggers? Tell me in the comments!


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