Pretty+Edgy: 7 Ways to Rock the Decorative Skull Trend

Photo credit:  Glauco Zuccaccia

Photo credit: Glauco Zuccaccia


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Let’s take a walk on the dark side together, shall we? With Fall looming, it’s a perfect time to take such a walk, and Moda Misfit is here to hold your hand if you want to add some edge to your home.

Today, let’s talk about skulls. Faux decorative skulls are everywhere right now, haunting the interiors of homes across the world. Just spend a few minutes on Instagram or Pinterest, and you will likely see an image of a skull perched ominously among pretty little things such as succulents and fairy lights, as though the skull is there to guard the softer beauty of its surroundings.

Skull decor is clearly a huge trend in the interior decor world right now, and Moda Misfit is here for it. Why do I love skull decor so much? Because it’s such a cool, primal, gutsy thing to do with your interior style. It’s pretty much an instant way to add an edge to your home, while still being chic. Plus, I think incorporating a skull in your home can offer some really interesting, unexpected contrast to the rest of your pretty decor. It’s that interplay between hard and soft, tough and dainty, and spooky and sweet that can take your style to the next level.

If I were to break this idea down into a formula, it would look like this:

pretty + edgy = heightened style and cool factor.

My use of the term edgy in this case means anything visually weird, dark, geeky, scary, or even off-putting. The pretty+edgy formula can mean the difference between a basic, pretty room and a super stylish, interesting room. The latter is going to be the kind of space that people remember and want more of (which is useful if you’re posting on Instagram and you want people to take an interest in your style. Or if you’re not into the decor game on Instagram, pretty+edgy can simply impress your friends when they come over).

A pretty+edgy room just draws people in, I think because there’s just more to mentally chew on, more to figure out. It’s a kind of visual puzzle that holds people’s attention a few seconds longer than a pretty, model home type room would.

If you feel like your interior decor style is falling kind of flat and isn’t really exciting you anymore, it may be a good time to start playing with edge. It’s all about taking your already pretty home, injecting it with just a little bit of an edgy darkness, and embracing the art of contrast to really heighten your style.

And simply incorporating a faux skull is an easy way to start.

So how can you achieve the decorative skull look without making your home look like a Halloween store? Let me show you what’s out there that you can buy right now, and I’ll sprinkle in some tips along the way. Take my hand, and let’s explore this dark side of interior decor together.

1. Pretty in white

Are most decorative skulls a little too aggressive for your style? A white faux skull like these ones are chic alternatives to the more realistic options out there. The white paint softens the skull up a bit and makes it a little less menacing.


2. Layer it

Layering a skull with other decorative items can make it a bit less abrasive. You’re still making a cool, edgy statement but it looks more organic and (less random) when you blend the skull in with other pieces. Have fun with making a full, detailed picture around the skull. It’s like taking a skeleton and fleshing it out with warmer things, creating a full body of style. (I know, I really went there with that skeleton metaphor. Pretty shameless in a post that’s literally about skulls, but I couldn’t help myself.)

My lovely friend    Bobby-Jo over on Instagram    is seriously the BEST at rocking decorative skulls. Just scroll through her account to see the many ways she expertly achieves this layered look, and you’ll definitely walk away inspired.

My lovely friend Bobby-Jo over on Instagram is seriously the BEST at rocking decorative skulls. Just scroll through her account to see the many ways she expertly achieves this layered look, and you’ll definitely walk away inspired.

3. Bottom’s up

Another way to seamlessly blend a decorative skull into your home is to buy one that serves a dual purpose, such as a skull decanter. This one from Z Gallerie is pretty, has some sparkle to it, and would be a nice conversation starter while you pour your guest a drink. And this one you can order on Amazon actually comes with little skull shot glasses, if you really want to go for it. ;-)


4. Flower power

Combining flowers and skulls embodies exactly what I find appealing about this trend: the marriage of pretty with edgy. Pretty flowers + edgy skull = a juxtaposition that immediately leads to visual interest. Plus, there’s the obvious appeal of the flowers softening the edginess of the skull, for those of you who don’t want to go full spooky with it.


5. Turn to the artists

Wall art is a great way to feature the edginess of a skull if the thought of displaying a physical skull replica is a little too goth for you (totally understandable). I’ll admit, even though I love the look of skulls, there is an inherent ick factor you kind of have to overlook. Wall art, as opposed to a skull you can hold in your hands, can be significantly more palatable for anyone who doesn’t want to go to crazy in the skull decor realm.


6. Keep it light

Here’s another great decorative skull option that serves a dual purpose. I love the skull-as-lamp look because the designs can get pretty clever. That first one I listed - the industrial style one - is just super cool, cheeky, and inventive. It’s a skull pretending to be a light bulb, and let’s be honest, that’s just cute. In a macabre kind of way.


7. Get lit

Skull candles are a perfect way to ease into this trend. For one thing, they’re a low-commitment option, given the fact that candles are meant to burn through. If you decide decorative skulls are not your cup of tea, then at least you get to enjoy a lovely scented candle until the wick has reached its end. And I’m a firm believer that all candles of every shape and size are a worthwhile purchase.


Ahh, putting together this particular blog post felt good. I just really love the whole decorative skull thing that’s happening out there. It feeds the little gothling part of my soul, and on top of that, it’s a genuine trend right now.

I wonder why people are gravitating en masse to this dark side of interior decor? It’d probably take a whole separate blog post to dissect the cultural and psychological implications of this trend, but for now I’ll just leave it at one simple theory. We’re all drawn to dark things on some level (it’s a pretty typical side effect of being mortal), and no matter how pretty our style is, we’re united by this fact: we’re all skulls under our pretty skin. Perhaps by embracing skulls in our home decor, we are by extension embracing our true selves beneath our decorated surfaces.

We really are all pretty+edgy.

My own little piece of skull decor in my apartment comes in the form of my Death Note manga displayed on my console table. Goth meets geek chic over here.

My own little piece of skull decor in my apartment comes in the form of my Death Note manga displayed on my console table. Goth meets geek chic over here.

What do you think about the decorative skull trend happening right now? Are you on board or is it a little too sinister for you? Tell me in the comments!

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