Boho Bedroom Recipe: How to Create a Fun & Shamelessly Colorful Room

Boho bedroom style and springtime vibes were born for each other. Style soulmates, I say!

Can you feel it? It’s that buzzing in your bones that tells you spring has sprung, and she's planning on sticking around for a while. She's coming in hot and colorful, and even my winter-loving heart isn't entirely immune to her fever.

Despite being a winter girl through and through, I'll admit that the boho decor style I love pairs beautifully with spring, like a locally sourced artisanal cheese with a fine wine. They just make sense together, and their union simply makes you feel good.

So if you're itching for a spring refresh for your home decor and want to embrace the bright and colorful vibes of the season, why not go for the boho aesthetic? Now's the time to have some springtime fun, girl!

For this post, I've curated 14 bohemian style pieces you can buy right now to create the boho bedroom of your dreams.

Scroll down to shop these boho finds!

Scroll down to shop these boho finds!

Think of this as a boho decor recipe - you can follow it down to each detail and have a ready-made bohemian style room all set to go, or you can use it as a jumping off point to create a boho recipe of your own. You know, just like any recipe!

The key thing I'd love for you to take away is this: a springtime decor refresh is your opportunity to have some shameless fun with color. Emphasis on the word shameless. Let loose and and give in to the free-spirited mindset that boho style embodies.

And open yourself up to the mental, emotional benefits that can come from the act of shamelessly throwing some color around in your home!

Think about it as color therapy - a way to let everything that's weighing you down slide off your shoulders to the bottom of the rainbow you're creating in your space.

Each color is a weapon against the stress of work, the worries about money, the overwhelm of supporting your family, the insecurities you feel each day that threaten your self-esteem.

Get it all out in the colors.

I know, I know, this all may sound weird coming from someone who is totally devoted to the dark, moody rustic look in my own apartment, but I'm also a huge lover of the bright, hippie-dippy styles of the 60's and 70's.

And if I were in the mood to change things up in my space, I'd be very tempted to buy all the things I've listed here and dive into creating a boho bedroom for myself with reckless abandon. 

Just the act of finding these things and rounding them up here put me in a good mood. I can only imagine how good it would feel to decorate with them in real life!

Not sure about how to use color in your decor? Worried about clashing or having too much going on? Here are some quick tips:

  1. Give yourself permission to get messy with it! Keep in mind that if you're going for a colorful boho style, it's all about letting go of inhibitions and going where the colors take you. You can always return the items that don't work out. 

  2. Put together a mood board before you purchase anything, like the one I've created for this post. I put together boards for my interior styling clients, and it's SO helpful to help them visualize all the items together and imagine them in their homes. I use Canva, which is a super easy online graphic design tool. Just save the photos of the items you're considering, drag them into a Canva project, and play around from there!

  3. Do a Pinterest deep-dive and study how others mix patterns and colors to create a boho decor style. I myself have a Pinterest board loaded with hundreds of boho decor pins. Click here to view the board and get inspired!

  4. Scour Instagram for inspiration as well. Off the top of my head, here are a few of the best boho decor-focused Instagram accounts out there:

  5. Use music to get in a groovy, boho headspace. I don't know about you, but music is the backbone of my interior style. If you're like me and can find a wealth of creative inspiration in music, then find some songs that will get you in the boho state of mind! P.S. - I couldn't help myself - I put together a playlist of songs specifically for this post. They're groovy, they’re neo-psychedelic, and they're ripe for boho inspiration. Listen to the playlist embedded at the bottom of this post!

Alright, is everybody in? Below you can shop my curated round-up of boho bedroom finds. I'll see you somewhere over the rainbow, my friends. 🖖

This post contains a few affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, at no extra cost to my lovely readers. I only link the things I love!

And as promised, here’s your playlist to accompany you on all your boho decor endeavors. Enjoy your Moda Mixtape!

If you were to completely change the style of your home, what style would it be? Tell me in the comments!


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