Chic Holiday Decor for the Lazy Girl: Just Add Fairy Lights!

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So you love the idea of turning your living space into a winter wonderland. You see photos from Pinterest, Instagram, and the Pottery Barn holiday catalog and fantasize about coming home to an idyllic scene of holiday cheer.

Are you with me when I say I basically want to feel like a winter snow queen in a palace of lights, sparkles, faux snow, mercury glass ornaments, silver and gold centerpieces, and garland for days?

I had a feeling you’d be with me there, fellow winter snow queens. 🖤

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Yes, winter is coming. And so is holiday decor.

But here’s the problem, if you’re anything like me: you don’t have the time, money, or even the drive to put the effort into decorating for the holidays. Special shout out to all my fellow single girls out there living the dream of living alone! While we’re loving the freedom and autonomy of living by ourselves, where’s the incentive in decorating for the holidays when you’re the only one there to enjoy it most of the time?

This honestly makes me feel pretty lazy about holiday decor. A big part of me is like… why? It’s only up for a month or two, and then where do you put all of it for the rest of the year? For those of us living in an apartment, this is a big consideration - where do you even put all this stuff when you have very limited storage? Not to mention the fact that you’d be spending money on something that’s only up for a short time.

So a lot of us single girls who live in an apartment love the fantasy of a picturesque winter wonderland to come home to, but the execution of it? Meh.

But honestly, I think I’ve found the solution, a way for us to become the winter snow queens we all know ourselves to be without putting in a ton of money and effort into it.

The answer is fairy lights.

The answer has always been fairy lights. 🧚

holiday decor fairy lights.jpg
holiday decor fairy lights.jpg
fairy lights holiday decor.jpg

Seriously, fairy lights are all you need. They instantly create a festive, whimsical atmosphere in your space, and they’re just plain pretty.

In celebration of the beauty and simplicity of fairy light decor, this post will give you everything you need to create your own winter fairy palace. You could easily just buy a few strings of fairy lights and call it good, but I’m also including some other pretty variations of the style in case you want to get creative with it!


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So let’s dive into the pretty fairy stuff!

Twinkly Starry String Lights | Restoration Hardware

There are a lot of fairy lights out there, but these ones from Restoration Hardware are the best. They’re the lights I have, and I think they’re worth the RH price!

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light | Amazon

Create a waterfall of fairies in your home. Why the hell not?

By the way, if you want to see an example of how beautiful a fairy light curtain like the one pictured above can be, I recommend you check out @cozy_in_grey on Instagram. After just a few seconds on her account you’ll realize she really knows how to rock a fairy light curtain. 🤩 She’s seriously one of my favorites on Instagram - follow her if you want some amazing cozy decor inspiration!

Mercury Globes | Pottery Barn

Give your fairies a pretty mercury glass house.

Dailyart Globe String Light | Amazon

Bigger, fatter fairies, if that’s what you’re into.

Birch Winter Wonderland Trees | Restoration Hardware

I would basically give anything for this to be my entryway. Restoration Hardware, you really know how to get a girl riled up.

Libison LED Silver Twig Birch Tree | Amazon

If you love the Restoration Hardware fairy-lit birch trees above but you aren’t down for the RH price, here’s a less expensive version on Amazon!

Birch Winter Wonderland Garland | Restoration Hardware

Going for a Winterfell chic look in your decor? Here’s a cool, edgier take on garland.

Pre-Lit Snowy Crystal Trees | Pottery Barn

When I said winter wonderland earlier, this first photo from Pottery Barn is pretty much exactly what I pictured.

NInight Solar Outdoor Lantern, Waterproof Hanging Decorative Lantern | Amazon

Trap your fairies in a lantern. I hear they love it.

Green leaves fairy lights | Etsy

These would be so gorgeous in my apartment, but to be honest I’d probably end up wearing them around my head as a crown. There’s pretty much no denying that.

Metal String Light Battery Operated fairy lights | Etsy

Loving the geometric design vibes with these.

Hanging Copper Starburst LED Lights | Etsy

Decorating my home with a bunch of exploding stars? Sign me the eff up.

What’s your approach to holiday decor? Do you get really into it, or do you prefer to do something quick and easy? Or do you skip holiday decor altogether? Tell me what you do in the comments!

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