Gift Guide: 10 Pretty & Personal Gifts for Home Decor Lovers

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Let’s talk about how to find a sweet, personal holiday gift for your loved one’s home!

Now that the holiday season is upon us, our brains are collectively exploding as we stress over our gift-giving plans this year. What do we buy our loved ones? (Or what do I hint at wanting from my loved one?) How do I buy a meaningful gift that feels personal and pretty?

This is why Moda Misfit is here: to diffuse the gifting stress bombs in your heads so you can actually enjoy the holidays. And what’s awesome about the majority of the gift ideas I’ve gathered here is you can customize them according to your loved one’s personality. So in addition to being cool, unique gifts that would look great in any home, they’re also packed with potential meaning to the person receiving them.

One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a canvas print of the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, The Pretty Reckless (who happens to be Taylor Momsen - yes, she’s a legit singer/songwriter and I will fight anyone to the death who says otherwise). My friend had picked out the specific photo and had it printed on canvas, so it’s a unique gift that only I possess.

(If you want to do the same thing with printing a photo on canvas, she used Best Canvas. I’ve used Best Canvas as well, and I really do highly recommend them. Quick savings tip: sign up for their email list and wait for one of their promo codes - they send them frequently - and you’ll save A TON on a custom canvas order. We’re talking usually around 70% off. Once you have your canvas, you can always unsubscribe. 👍)

taylor momsen wall art.jpg

This piece of wall decor was a perfect gift for several reasons. One, my friend and I were, and are, huge fans of the Pretty Reckless, and our love of the band was a huge part of our bond. So the gift was emblematic of our friendship. Two, it was an awesome piece of home decor, and my friend knew how into decorating I was (and obviously still am haha). And three, I’m obsessed with music in general, and I love to display this obsession in my interior decor every chance I get.

All of this added up to being the perfect gift for me.

And you too can find the perfect, personalized gifts for the people you care about!

What I basically have for you here is a recipe for meaningful gift giving this holiday season. A guide to finding personalized gifts that are guaranteed to make the recipient smile and feel cared for.

And even better: most, if not all, of these holiday gift ideas are not gender-specific - each of these are gifts for her, gifts for him, and gifts for everyone in between.

So here we go - it’s a Moda Misfit holiday gift guide!

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1. Engraved wood neighborhood map

Tap into an important piece of your loved one’s heart by giving them a map of where they’re from, or of any place that has special meaning to them - a city they spent a significant amount of time in, or a past vacation spot that holds a ton of amazing memories.

This Etsy shop’s engraved wood maps would add a cool, rustic home decor vibe to any space, as well as a sweet personal touch! It’s like displaying a piece of a person’s heart through their wall decor.

This is basically jewelry for your walls. How could anyone object to wall jewelry? If your loved one is into jewelry and home decor, this is a perfect combination of the two!

As someone who loves sequins and who gets a weird thrill out of hidden messages, this pillow excites me. Imagine the possibilities of the kinds of messages you can hide within those sparkles - you can get sentimental, funny, or even a little creepy with it, depending on your loved one’s sense of humor.

I’d probably do something like “Beware: These sequins bite”. Because, you know, sequin pillows actually bite. They hurt to lay on. I… crack myself up.

A star map of the exact moment of an important memory is utterly romantic, isn’t it? This one’s really gorgeous too:

Aww they have a star map for long-distance relationships too! 😭 Every relationship I’ve been in has had a long-distance phase, so this one hits me right here in my black little heart: ♥︎

A star map like these has the potential to bring the recipient to joyous tears while also bringing a cool, stylish visual to their wall decor.

Has your loved one taken a magnificent photo that deserves a big piece of wall real estate in their home decor? Or do they have a sentimental photo that would add a personal touch to their home?

This Etsy shop will print a photo on tapestry, which would be a really cool gift - especially if your loved one is a photographer with a wealth of great photos to choose from!

One thing about interior decor lovers is we’re super into the aesthetics of everything, right down to the way our coffee mug looks on our coffee table. So a beautiful mug is a simple way to put a smile on our faces. Plus, it’s a perfect stocking stuffer idea!

These ones are so pretty too - I can totally picture them in a Scandinavian decor style home:

And this one’s simply a piece of art:

A candle is always a perfect gift for a home decor lover, but a personalized candle? This one goes the extra mile - perfect for a holiday gift. With the candle pictured above, you can pick your scent, the name on the lid, the message on the candle, and even the message and name on the box!

I’m pretty crazy about this one as well, where you get to define your loved one’s name dictionary-style:

Side note: My super manly dad’s name is Kelly and I kind of want to order him that candle as-is. ☝️😂

I’m crazy about the pieces of sound wave wall decor in my apartment. If your loved one has a favorite song, give them the sound waves of that song to display in their home! It’s a perfect personal holiday gift for home decor lovers and music lovers alike. There are tons of songs to choose from, or you can request a specific song to be made to order.

My songs (pictured above) are Going to California by Led Zeppelin, All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, and Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles. Strawberry Fields Forever was the only one I had to custom order. 😊🤘

Home decor lovers are suckers for a good home fragrance. And if you give us a reed diffuser with a personalized message on the label, you’ve pretty much earned a permanent place in our hearts.

Coffee table books are the perfect gift for any home decor enthusiast. Not only do they make an attractive addition to any coffee table decor, they’re also an easy way to make your gift personal. Because of this, I think coffee table books are an essential piece of any living room decor styling.

There’s a coffee table book for pretty much any interest - just find a coffee table book suited to what your loved one is into!

Since it is the holidays, and this is Moda Misfit, I feel like leaving you with this splendid piece of holiday nostalgia below.

and also, How relatable is Hermey the elf though? He hates his job, doesn’t fit in, and shit, he just wants to be a dentist! Here’s to you, my misfits. And happy holidays!

What are you planning on buying your loved ones this year?? Tell me in the comments! Don’t worry, I won’t tell. ♥︎

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