How to Get All Saints Style on an Amazon Budget

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I want to tell you a secret: You are not disqualified from rocking chic, edgy style just because you don’t want to spend a ton of money on clothes!

I’m inviting you to virtually lean over my shoulder through a video tutorial I created, in which you’ll see exactly how I find budget-friendly items on Amazon that emulate specific outfits from All Saints.

The video is ideal for beginners - for those of you who haven’t really explored the clothing shopping experience on Amazon and want to dip your toes in it. Take my hand and we’ll explore this world together!

Or if you’re knee-jerk reaction to this is “chic clothes on Amazon? No way!”, you may want to check the video out too - I’ll prove you wrong! And if you’re a seasoned online shopper who is simply curious about how I do my Amazon shopping thang, from one online fashion girl to another, this video can be for you too. 🖤

Here’s everything I have for you in this post!

  • A video tutorial that walks you through how I find All Saints lookalike items on Amazon

  • 5 outfit boards containing my All Saints vs Amazon findings

  • 3 quick and easy tips on how you can too can find super stylish clothing on Amazon

  • Some links to a few budget style inspiration articles I’ve hand-picked for you!

You’ll leave this post feeling fully equipped to online shop like a pro and look like a total fashion girl in the process. 🖤

So, you know the ultra-cool street style girls you see on pretty much every one of your Pinterest scrolling spirals? The ones who roll out of the airport in their black skinny jeans, black t-shirt, black leather jacket, and their perfectly messed up messy buns?

The ones who look as though they entered this world from their mother’s wombs wearing head to toe All Saints - that exquisitely elevated version of grunge style combined with basic, monochrome effortlessness that costs, like, a zillion dollars to wear?

You know, the girls who look this effortlessly cool:

Yeah, I’m here to tell you that you can look just as cool, with just as little effort, by shopping on Amazon.

I’ve done a few of these “Amazon vs Expensive Clothing Brand” posts (How to Get Free People Style on an Amazon Budget, Nordstrom Splurges vs Amazon Steals), and the reaction I get from my readers is typically one of shock, with exclamations of "How did you do that?? How were you able to find such similar pieces of clothing at such different price points?? What's the trick?"

Spoiler alert - it’s so simple. Almost stupidly simple. Watch the video below, and you’ll see first-hand just how easy it is!

See how straightforward and simple that was?

Now scroll through the outfit boards below to see all my findings from the same simple approach I applied in the tutorial. Then I’ll give you 3 quick and easy steps you can take to do the same thing on your next online shopping excursion! 🖤

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, at no extra cost to my lovely readers. I only link the things I love!

All Saints blouse (now sold out) //  All Saints skirt  //  All Saints boots    Amazon blouse  //  Amazon skirt  //  Amazon boots

All Saints blouse (now sold out) // All Saints skirt // All Saints boots

Amazon blouse // Amazon skirt // Amazon boots

Pretty uncanny how similar some of those things are, right?

Let’s dive into 3 steps you can follow to do the exact same thing.

Step 1: Find an outfit you want to emulate.

Inspiration is everywhere, from Pinterest to Instagram to the street style you pass on your way to work. Start being mindful of the outfits that catch your eye - are you gravitating toward head-to-toe-black or are floral sundresses your jam right now?

Find an outfit that makes your heart flutter, and save that baby somewhere on your phone or on a Pinterest board. Money is no object here - in fact, the more expensive it is, the more fun you’ll have finding the cheaper version of it on Amazon.

Dream big, my friends! No matter how expensive the outfit is, I’m telling you, you’ll probably be able to find a cheaper version of it on Amazon. That’s just how fashion works. Meryl Streep’s character from the Devil Wears Prada explained it best:

Step 2: Key Words

The key to finding lookalike items is all about the key words you use in your search.

On one hand, it’s really just as easy as simply describing what you’re seeing - are you in love with an expensive leather jacket? Cool, you could possibly find a lookalike leather jacket on Amazon by simply typing “leather jacket” into Amazon’s search field.


What kind of a leather jacket is it, specifically? Is it a biker jacket with studs and buckles? Is it a bomber jacket? Is it a fitted leather jacket with more of a blazer silhouette? Is it suede? Is it vegan leather? Is it black? Brown? Gray? Oxblood?

This is where some fashion terminology can come in handy for yielding better search results. Results that will resemble the expensive item you’re trying to replicate a lot more closely than a generic search like “leather jacket”.

So get specific. Type in all the possible words that apply. “Oxblood vegan leather biker jacket” is likely to be a more fruitful search than “leather jacket”.

Step 3: Due diligence

So, let’s say you found that oxblood vegan leather biker jacket lookalike and you’re thrilled that you found this needle in the massive Amazon haystack. First of all, go you!

Before you hit that “add to cart” button, you’re going to want to do your due diligence on the item. And by that I mean you’re going to want to make sure you’re not about to spend your money on something you regret.

Shopping for cheap clothing on Amazon can be awesome, but there’s a drawback, which I'm sure you're well aware of if you've done any online bargain shopping. There's always the possibility that the cheap item you order will FEEL cheap too. That it won't quite meet the level of quality you expect and deserve.

Now, either way, of course the Amazon items most likely will not come close to the quality of their expensive lookalikes. But just because something is cheap, does not mean you should settle for a low quality piece of clothing that looks nothing like the photos online.

Be prepared for this. Always check customer reviews and view customer photos. Read the seller's return policy before ordering. Be careful when unpacking the item in case you want to return it. I go over this pretty thoroughly in my Amazon shopping video tutorial and provide examples of the little red flags you should look out for on an item’s page.

That being said... One of my favorite dresses ever was $19 on Amazon! I get compliments on this dress all the time, and while it may not be designer-quality by any stretch of the imagination, it's a good dress that fits me perfectly. These kind of finds are what make an Amazon shopping experience totally worth it.

Now that you’re armed with these 3 quick steps along with my video tutorial, I recommend going on Amazon and just play around a bit! Have fun, keep an open mind, be careful about what you order, and be patient with yourself!

What are your online shopping hacks? Did I miss anything good here? Tell me in the comments!


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