How to Get Chic Halloween Decor With Zero Trips to the Party Store

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Gasp! With only a couple weeks until Halloween, you and your friends have decided to actually DO something this year. You all went from not really feeling it (it's on a Wednesday night this year, ugh) to thinking "Hey, life is short - let's totally celebrate Halloween this year!”

This has been how many a Halloween has gone down for me over the years. My friends and I barely even see Halloween approaching, and the BAM at the last minute we're pre-gaming at my place and getting dressed up to hit the town in costume. Or in my case, getting dressed in whatever clothing I already own that I can haphazardly pull together and pass off as a witch or fairy princess costume (or that one year where I managed to pull together a dark angel warrior costume. That was pretty cool.)

Or we decide we're having a small autumnal themed dinner party with our group of friends.

Or we go with a cozy night in to watch Hocus Pocus together.

And if you're anything like me within the context of your friend group, chances are whatever you end up doing - whether it's a chill pregame sesh before going out, a low-key yet stylish dinner party, or a girl's night in - it's taking place at your home. There's always that friend in a group, right? The one who has the go-to place for gatherings? Yeah, it's me too. ;-) 

Whichever kind of Halloween event you end up scrambling together at the last minute, Moda Misfit has you covered!

With only about 2 weeks left, I’ve gathered some items together that you can buy if you want to embrace the holiday and impress your friends with a stylish take on Halloween decor, and do so on a budget. AND without going to a party store, which let's be honest: party stores suck. They're a pretty awful shopping experience, aren't they?? They’re crazy busy this time of here, chaotically organized, they assault your eyes with fluorescent lighting, and they tend to have that weird party store smell... Haha I'm sorry, but I'm realizing as I write this post just how much of a thing I have against party stores.

To make it so your last minute Halloween decor shopping experience is quick, easy, cost efficient, and totally streamlined, I've only pulled items from two places: Target and Amazon. I’m making it so you don’t have to waste time hunting around all the different online retailers, filling up shopping cart upon shopping cart to achieve a chic halloween decor look.

And here’s an extra perk to this list: most of this stuff would work for the rest of fall if you wanted to rock a festive, autumnal look past Halloween and into Thanksgiving. This way, you’re not spending money on things you only have up for a couple weeks out of the year!

You may notice that I've completely omitted decorative skulls from this list, and that's because I wrote an entire post about skull decor. Head over there if you feel like your Halloween decor would be incomplete without a skull or two!

Let’s start with Amazon

1. Hocus Pocus Halloween Art Prints by Wander and Waypost

I’m listing this one first to show you that I am NOT messing around here. I’m delivering the Hocus Pocus fangirl art up front. This one’s for the 90’s kids who are still obsessed with this Halloween movie classic. Sistas!

hocus pocus another glorious morning.gif

2. Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Light

I have this thing for fairy lights and mercury glass. Also, doesn’t this look like something you could totally buy at Pottery Barn for triple the price? Man, I love Amazon.


3. Fairy String Lights 

Speaking of fairy lights - if you walk away with only one thing from this post, I think this should be it. Fairy lights are perfect for the entire holiday season (and even for the whole year), and create an immediate ambiance and festive vibe your guests will be enchanted by.


4. Rustic Halloween Tin Jack-O-Lantern Votive Set

Perfect for if you want some rustic style vibes infused in your Halloween decor. Actually, I’ll be honest, a lot of the items on this list will be rocking the rustic vibes. It’s just how I tend to roll.


5. Rustic Farmhouse Halloween Fall Wood Signs

These are great for a more subtle approach to Halloween decor, and will also add some rustic style to your space. Simple and cute!


6. Bewitching Crystals

I kind of have a fantasy of filling every nook and cranny of my apartment with crystals and just going full-on sorceress-chic with my decor. And Halloween could be a good excuse to fulfill that dream - imagine the witch aesthetic vibes you’d achieve! Ok, so you don’t have to be as dramatic as that, but I do think a few crystals would be a gorgeous, subtle way to get the witchy look with your Halloween decor.


7. Halloween Home Decor Trick or Treat Cotton Linen Pillow Cover

Here’s another simple piece that would be great for a rustic style home. Just keep in mind, this is a pillow cover, not a full-on pillow. So you have to get slightly crafty with this one!


8. Miniature Artificial Pumpkins, Gourds, Pine Cones, & Acorns

Look how pretty these colors are! You can do so much with this - just stick them in a bowl for an instant autumnal decor piece, or get crafty and make a fall wreath!

Now let’s move on to the Target stuff…

9. Hallows Eve Potions & Poisons Decorative Book

This one’s a bit more on the kitschy side, but how cute would a few of these be as a little party favor stashed with candy? Or stashed with mini alcohol bottles. That’d be my personal choice, but you do you.


10. Pumpkin Figural by Threshold

These white faux pumpkins would be so pretty for more of a Scandi-style, monochrome approach to Halloween decor (or for fall decor in general). Imagine a totally white monochrome take on Halloween! Really, I think if I were to go all-out with decorating my place for Halloween, I’d do a totally black and white look. I’ve seen that look on Pinterest, and it is damned pretty.


11. Lit Grapevine Pumpkins

More pumpkins, and more fairy lights! In my opinion, if you’re decorating for Halloween/fall and want to keep things simple, you could straight up exclusively use decorative pumpkins and fairy lights and have a beautifully festive look in your home. These wicker pumpkins from Target would be especially cute if you added two or three to your entryway decor, maybe grouped around an entryway bench. That’s just what I’m picturing!


12. Halloween Tabletop Tree Decor

I saw these at Target in person a couple weeks ago, and they’re super pretty in person! I almost wanted to buy a few just to use in my normal decor, not just for Halloween haha. I just love the look of bare, spooky trees, and these would be great for a bit of goth style in your decor.


13. Bring Autumnal Colors in Through Decorative Pillows

Inexpensive throw pillows are an easy, commitment-free way to really bring those fall colors in to your home. They’re perfect to warm up your Halloween decor, and you can just throw a few on your couch and keep them there until spring if you like!


14. A Good Old Autumn Wreath

Wreaths are pretty much a classic go-to for any kind of seasonal decor, and Target has some really pretty ones right now. If you want your home to look like the home of an autumnal earth goddess, just buy a wreath or two! Or four. Buy as many as you want, really. You can’t go wrong.

I think that about does it! Pretty easy right? You really don’t have to buy that many things in order to give your home some Halloween spirit. And you can do so without cheesy party store decorations. ;-)

Ok now that I’m done writing this post, I really feel like I need to find a way to stream Hocus Pocus. so I’m going to go do that right the eff now. I can’t help it - I think for every Millennial, the second we sniff the air and smell Fall, we instinctively feel it: it’s time to watch Hocus Pocus.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. Want even more Halloween decor inspo? Check out my Chic Halloween Decor Pinterest board by clicking the button below! There are some seriously beautiful Halloween decor ideas out there, from mantel decor to table settings, and even some some tips on throwing Halloween themed dinner parties!


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