Interior Fairy Tale: Telling a Story With Your Interior Decor


#interiorfairytale is an open book of a hashtag where you can write your interior decor stories. We don't just decorate because we like pretty things. We decorate because we have stories to tell and home decor is the pen with which we write them.

This one's for the storytellers.

Love, Moda Misfit

My apartment is infested with fairies.

They come out and party every sunny morning from about 8:00am - 10:00am, give or take. But they party only when the sun's out, and since they live with me in Seattle, their appearances are rare and special. They just can't exist without the sun, Because they are created by sunlight and sequins.

My fairies appear every time the sun hits my sequined pillow on my armchair. Similar to disco ball fairies, sequin fairies are at their most aggressive under direct light, like so:

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 8.53.57 AM.png

And sometimes they go really crazy and make it look like a star exploded in my studio:


My apartment really is prone to fits of enchantment.

Admittedly, the enchantment is of my own creation, born from my wild imagination and love of whimsy. But putting my own fairy weirdness aside, don’t you think that every decor decision you make is really a story you’re choosing to share? We decorate not just because we like pretty things. We decorate because we have stories to tell, and furniture and home accessories are merely the pens with which we write them.

Your interior decor story can be any genre. Nonfiction, fantasy, comedy, even horror. (I actually have a whole other fantasy in my head that my 1920's apartment building is haunted. I mean, in the last hundred years of its existence, there must have been a haunting or two, right?) 

Your story can be rooted in something that actually happened - a true story behind a certain piece of furniture, for example. Perhaps it's a family heirloom passed down for generations, or maybe it's something you had been eyeing for a long time before finally getting to a place where you could afford it. Maybe there's a funny story behind it - was it a white elephant gift you decided to display because the hilarity of it outweighs its ugliness?

Your interior decor story can also be a whimsical made-up tale that you have associated with an item or corner of your space, like what my sparkly sequin pillow does for me. Where does your imagination go when you see a certain piece of your space? Do you see fairies like I do, or do you see an enchanted garden? A witch's apothecary? A warrior princess's trophy room? Do you see ghosts?

Candles make everything more magical. Including vodka soda.

Candles make everything more magical. Including vodka soda.

Either way, we are not just decorating our homes. We are telling stories. We are sharing something about ourselves, something personal or intimate or aspirational. We tell a story every time we post a photo of our home on Instagram, through the photo itself or the caption, or both.

This is one of the reasons why interior styling is not a trivial, materialistic pursuit. For example, piling decorative pillows on your bed is not a pointless act, contrary to what every single one of my ex-boyfriends have believed. No, it's not pointless. It's a fierce act of self-expression, one that not only welcomes you home every day but also tells each of your guests something about you without you having to say a word.

When I have friends over, I want them to feel like they've walked into a rustic fairy tale, where old meets modern, nature meets city, music meets art, and metal meets wood.

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 10.56.23 AM.png

Where do you want you and your guests to be transported to in your home? what story to you want to tell?

I've created a brand new hashtag on Instagram for all the creative interior storytellers out there who want their stories to be seen and shared, and I'm so excited to tell you about it:



Bring on the whimsy!

I'd like #interiorfairytale to serve as a conduit for all the stories being told through the beautiful interior decor out there on Instagram. My aim is for #interiorfairytale to foster creativity, inspiration, and imagination among my fellow interior decor lovers on Instagram. You can do whatever you want with an #interiorfairytale post. You can:

  • Speak a thousand words with a picture alone.

  • Tell the backstory behind a certain piece of your home. What does it mean to you? What's the emotional significance behind it? Does it make you laugh, cry, swoon, or even roll your eyes?

  • Let your imagination run wild and tell a full-on fairy tale inspired by your interior decor photo. Tales of whimsy are always welcome in the Moda Misfit universe!

You have an #interiorfairytale to tell, and now there's an open book of a hashtag that needs its pages filled with your stories. I hope you'll join me in my interior fairytale land!


Hey there! I’m Steffi, creator of Moda Misfit - a lifestyle blog that aims to inspire you to embrace who you are and express your creative self through decor, fashion, & music. We're all Moda Misfits here!

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