Moda Mixtape: Alternative Rock Prescription

Photo Credit:  Markus Spiske

Photo Credit: Markus Spiske

Are you suffering from alternative rock deprivation?

Are you having a tough time finding the right artists for you in the sea of music provided to us by the internet?

Do not fret. I'm writing you a playlist prescription containing the best alternative artists out there right now. Just sit back, relax, and take your medicine.

*A common side effect to this playlist involves involuntary headbanging in response to some of these songs. If headbanging persists, consult Moda Misfit in the comments below. From there, we can discuss further treatment. You may require a higher dosage of alternative rock, as your headbanging indicates you can handle the harder stuff.


Do you have any alternative rock recommendations? If so, tell me in the comments! I’m always hungry for new music. ;-)


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