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The workday can feel like a big fat mess sometimes, can’t it? Or even a borderline disaster? Are you reading this post in the middle of the workday just to take a break from the stress? That’s okay, I’ll happily serve as your distraction for the next few minutes.

It’s actually totally beneficial to your productivity at work today that you found this post. Because here you’ll find a playlist of songs that will help you get focused and relaxed, so you can dive back into your work and get into that productive zone.

No matter how great your job is, there’s bound to be some chaos involved. There can be a ton of noise in your head as you navigate deadlines, meetings, writer’s block, conflicting schedules… I could go on but I’m starting to get a little anxious just from simply listing the things that stress me out.

Luckily, I get to listen to my headphones at work, along with many hardworking employees in this day and age. I think a lot of company cultures have caught on to how beneficial it can be for productivity; they allow and encourage their employees to use headphones for music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. Whatever helps you focus and makes you more productive, right?

Listening to music while I work is actually a crucial tool I use on a daily basis to stay focused and, frankly, to stay sane. Raise your hand if you find it impossible to get any work done surrounded by chatter, food chewing, your co-workers’ phone conversations, and any other random noises! 👋

And of course, some songs are better suited for focus and productivity at work than others. So I’ve assembled a playlist of songs here that put me in the best headspace possible for concentration, and I think they’ll work for you too.

They’re chill, spacey, melodic, and mostly instrumental. And aside from being great while you work, this playlist would also be perfect yoga music, chill-on-your-couch music, reading music, and really for any situation where you want to be in a nice, relaxed yet focused state of mind.

So put those headphones of yours on and get back to work!

And after listening to this Moda Mixtape, if you’re feeling a little… experimental… in your listening choices today, I’m including some bonus YouTube videos with music I personally find to be the most effective music for my focus above everything else. Pretty much every blog post I write here is written with these playing in the background. They’re not for everyone… but I encourage you to give them a chance!

Ok, they’re YouTube videos of Legend of Zelda music. Now, hear me out before you laugh at me for taking this post to a geeky place. I’m telling you right now, Legend of Zelda music is optimized for focus. Really, all video game music is. Think about it: when playing a video game, you’re completely zeroed in on what you’re doing, in a state of total concentration, focused on your quest. And before you know it, hours have gone by before you peel yourself off your couch and brush the Dorito dust off your shirt. Err…

Anyway, what I’m saying is video games get you in a state of total focus, and a huge part of why they’re able to get you into that zone is the music. And Legend of Zelda music does it best, in my opinion.

And if you’re already a Legend of Zelda fan, then the bonus YouTube videos I’ve included is perfect for you! Get ready for the melodies you know and love to soothe your brain into that same trance-state you’ve achieved many times before as you traversed through Hyrule on Epona, solved dungeon puzzles, and fought your enemies. Plus, the nostalgia of it, am I right?

Ok once again I’ve spent more time talking about Zelda than I intended. For those of you still with me, and even to those who aren’t, I’m wishing you a positive, productive, successful, and musical work day. You deserve it!

Do you have any focus music recommendations? please tell me about them in the comments!

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