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This is The Most Important Thing For Your Home Decor

I desperately want to tell you something about your home decor. It’s so important and so foundational, yet it’s often an overlooked first-step in the interior decor process. As I’ve been helping a few different individuals here in Seattle style their homes, I’ve discovered that they all seem to have something in common that’s preventing them from achieving their home decor dreams: they’re all in need of a good interior style therapy session.

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7 Creative Ways To Use a Letter Board in Your Home Decor

It makes sense that letter board decor is having a moment. Putting a letter board in a room gives you so many opportunities to express yourself; whether it be your sense of humor, what motivates you, your taste in music, or literally anything that's on your mind. It's such a simple way to have your home decor actually say something. If you love the letter board look and need some letter board quote ideas, you're definitely in the right place.

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How to Get Started On The Rustic Decor Of Your Dreams

I turned my 400 sq ft studio into my dream rustic apartment by shopping mostly at Target. And I strongly - STRONGLY - believe you can make your rustic home decor dreams come true too! I’m here to help you get started. In this post, I’m about to give you 7 rustic home decor tips I learned from my own apartment styling experience. And if you’re really serious about getting started on your rustic interior decorating and want to dive deeper, I created a free Rustic Decor Inspiration Workbook just for you!

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