This is The Most Important Thing For Your Home Decor

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I desperately want to tell you something about your home decor.

It’s so important and so foundational, yet it’s often an overlooked first-step in the interior decor process. As I’ve been helping a few different individuals here in Seattle style their homes, I’ve discovered that they all seem to have something in common that’s preventing them from achieving their home decor dreams: they skip this crucial step.

And now I have to resist the constant urge to run about the streets of Seattle like a madwoman, grabbing people by their coat collars and shrieking, “I have the answer to your decor struggles! I know what is most likely causing you grief and frustration, the thing that’s keeping you from achieving your dream home!”

Yeah, it’s quite the burden I bear, having to keep my Moda madness at bay in public. 🙃

The most important thing for your home decor!

So this thing I’m about to tell you is more important than where you shop and what you buy. It’s more substantive than furniture and lighting, fabrics and accessories. It’s bigger than your home itself. And you already own it, my friend.

The most important thing for your home decor is you.

Now, before you roll your eyes and write this post off as a sentimental piece of self-helpy “you’ve possessed the answers within you all along so just click your heals together and say ‘there’s no place like home’, Dorothy”, allow me to explain how some thoughtful self-reflection is simply a practical thing to do for your home decor and will benefit the resulting style of your home in the long run.

Trust me, you will be more successful in your interior styling if you know thyself and thoughtfully consider what you truly want from your home emotionally, identify the things that make you a unique person, and apply it all to your home’s aesthetic.

What do you geek out about? What are you obsessed with, passionate about? Where have you been, where do you want to go?

What do you want to feel every day? What do you want to smell, touch, taste, and hear in your home? How can you create a home that stimulates your senses in a way that reflects you as a person, and not just a home that simply provides shelter or looks like a half-hearted attempt at something you saw on HGTV?

Where are you in your home decor?

Are you into hiking? Are you into classical music and World of Warcraft? Do you have a special affinity for the 1920’s and adore the color pink? Whatever you’re into, trust me, there are ways to make it known through your interior decor!

Hell, the fact that I was able to find a way to stylishly work my love of the Legend of Zelda and my favorite anime Death Note into my decor shows that the sky’s the limit when it comes to expressing your interests and personality in your home.

I’m over here rocking my coffee table decor with some Death Note manga. Who says you can’t stylishly incorporate the things you geek out about into your home decor?

I’m over here rocking my coffee table decor with some Death Note manga. Who says you can’t stylishly incorporate the things you geek out about into your home decor?

One guy recently told me he wanted to make sure his Magic the Gathering cards were featured somewhere in his new apartment, and I said something along the lines of “fucking go for it, man.”

Because there’s definitely a way to display something like that stylishly! Yes, it could look incredibly tacky if thoughtlessly executed, but with some creativity and vision, even Magic the Gathering cards can be chic additions to a home.

What’s important here is that you are present in your home. That it’s not merely a shell that keeps you warm at night and maybe contains a few pretty things.

So if you have been struggling with that unsatisfied feeling of “there’s just something missing here” when it comes to your home, or if you’re just plain lost and overwhelmed by the idea of decorating, there’s a good chance it’s because didn’t take the time to do a thorough mental and emotional check-in with yourself first.

You have to get your head straight before you get your home straight.

And oh hey, I have a free workbook that will help you do just that! Click here to download your FREE Interior Style Therapy Workbook!

When I help people style their homes, I ask them the exact questions in this workbook as a way to get their heads on straight for interior styling success. 

Then the magic happens: a whole world of inspiration and enthusiasm for decorating opens up for them, just due to the fact that they took the time to thoughtfully answer these questions.

It's like an interior style therapy session, and I want to do the same for you!

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Work through 6 important questions you should ask yourself in order to create a stylish oasis that feels like YOU

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Get mentally organized and set yourself up for successful styling - get your head straight before you get your home straight!

What are the most debilitating mental and emotional struggles you face when it comes to your home decor? What’s keeping you from creating the oasis of a home that you deserve? Tell me in the comments and I’ll do my best to help get you get in a better headspace!

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