Trend Talk: 9 Ways to Rock the Burnt Orange Trend for Fall


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You know that feeling you get when Summer starts to turn to Fall? It's like this instinctual sensation that change is coming. the air starts changing, the temperature gets slightly more crisp, and your world is filled with that fall fragrance of yellowing leaves, aging forest, and cinnamon. Your animal brain starts shouting, "Time to prepare for the winter! Gather the tribe and get ready!"

I get a similar instinctual sensation when I feel a Fall trend coming on. And man, I can tell you right now that burnt oranges and browns are going to be everywhere this Fall. Just spending a few minutes on any clothing store's website right now, you can see several little pops of burnt orange as you scroll through everything, sprouting through the rest of the clothes like poppies. As the leaves start to turn orange outside, the clothing out there apparently is too. My fashion brain is shouting:

"Time to prepare for the Fall trends! Gather the Moda Misfit tribe and get ready!"


I'm so excited to give you a an orange-tinted glimpse of what our Fall is going to look like in terms of clothing and accessories. At the top of this post you will find a round-up of some things that are currently available, each of which are under $200. I'm such a fan of this color trend that it's actually tempting me away from my all-black uniform, which is really saying something. My shopping addiction brain cells are tingling and it's taking every... ounce... of willpower.... not to walk over to Nordstrom... right now.

Why did I move into an apartment that's literally 3 blocks from a Nordstrom? Why did I do that to myself?


what do you think of this trend? Are you noticing any new Fall styles popping up? Let me know in the comments! 

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