Trend Talk: Feeling Groovy with Madewell


Madewell is doing a 60's/70's thing right now and Moda Misfit is HERE FOR IT.

1960's and 1970's fashion is the key to my heart. It has been ever since two very specific things happened to me when I was 6 years old:

  • I heard Strawberry Fields Forever for the first time.

  • I saw Clarissa dressed as a hippie in an episode of Clarissa Explains It All. (Like any proper 90's kid, I was heavily influenced by Nickelodeon.)

Soon after these two formative things happened to me, I have a distinct memory of going into my 1st Grade class and announcing to all who would listen that I was, in fact, a hippie. I said this, of course, with zero understanding of the historical and sociopolitical implications of what I was announcing so confidently. I was simply a young Beatles fan who loved the hippie aesthetic.

As my understanding and appreciation of the counterculture movement has increased and evolved as I've grown up, so too has my love for its aesthetic (and its music). The photos above are of me with two of my good friends at the KROQ Weenie Roast music festival in Irvine, CA a couple years ago. My dear friend Myko had made me a flower crown and my dear friend Keith had made me an arm band, both out of branches from the willow tree we were sitting under - a ceremony of sorts that forever solidified our friendship in my eyes. 

If I were to describe my style in a nutshell, I would say I fluctuate between boho floral girl and tastefully goth witch. And what Madewell is currently doing seriously appeals to my love of the former. 

As we're heading into fall and things start cooling down, I think their dresses would be so cute with a pair of tights and ankle boots. Or bare legged with a chunky sweater. And I think I'm going to probably end up buying the dress at #1 in the graphic above at some point soon. I saw it in the window of Madewell's Downtown Seattle location as I was walking by, and it made my heart skip a beat. Love at first sight, you know?

I'll leave you with the song that rewired my brain at age 6. I haven't been the same since.

Is there a specific decade you feel a connection to? Tell me your decade muse in the comments! I want to know what inspires you. :-)

This post was not sponsored by Madewell.  Moda Misfit is a newborn baby blog, so brand sponsorships aren't a thing here yet. I'm just really into these clothes and need to share them with you!


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