9 Ways to Embrace the Witch Aesthetic in Spring

spring witch aesthetic

Hey fellow winter lovers, my comrades whose style tends to lean toward various shades of the witch aesthetic - it’s that time of year again! It’s time for spring to force us out of our wool coat cocoons and become a bunch of colorful-ass butterflies. Spring is here to destroy winter once again, and she’s back with a vengeance.

She has set her sights on your cozy chunky sweaters, your rainy Sundays indoors, the crisp cold that pinkens your cheeks as you walk from your car to the doors of your favorite coffee shop… Spring is here to claim your layered winter fashion and replace it with bare legs, exposed shoulders, and extra SPF.

As nice as the sunshiny spring vibes are, for girls like you and me… well, we love our winter layers of black leather and warm knits. We delight in our dark home decor - our faux fur throws, our deep color palettes, our fairy lights for those early winter dusks.

We love a cozy night at home with a good book, listening to the sound of rain falling on the trees. We are the dark, quiet souls who are comforted by the blanket of winter gray, and we love having our style reflect that.

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Then spring comes along to cramp that style of ours. We start passing display windows of stores splashed with pastels and jewel tones, and we can almost feel ourselves shaking in our Doc Martens. Spring is coming.

But that doesn’t mean we have to let go of the edge we like to work into our style!

I mean, you can totally continue on with head-to-toe black outfits all the way through summer (I certainly will) but there are plenty of ways to adapt our style to those spring vibes in the air.

And actually, it’s a fun challenge - creating a look that feels reflective of your edgy self, yet also makes you feel like you’re embracing the season and living in the moment.

So I went down a major online shopping rabbit hole to find some pretty little things that rock the witch aesthetic with a springtime twist.

If you want to do some spring shopping… scroll through, witches.

How to reject the stupid things you’ve been told about your style

This post contains a few affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, at no extra cost to my lovely readers. I only link the things I love!

1. Evergreen Moon Crystal Crown by O Wisteria

Yeah, I’m clearly not messing around - I’m starting this witch aesthetic list off with an effing moon crystal crown. I realize that going out into the world wearing a crown is not for the faint of heart, and likely not even an option in most circumstances. But man… I love O Wisteria’s pieces. They are true works of art. (Check out her Instagram for some magical eye candy!)

And actually, if you’re not down to rock a crown in your everyday life, I think one of her crowns would make a gorgeous decor accessory. I’m tempted to buy one of these crowns for the spot in my apartment pictured below. ↓

witch aesthetic dark decor

Is there such a thing as too many crystals in one home? Um, no. Of course not. Stupid of me to even ask.

This crystal mobile by Blue Lotus Designs looks like it could be hanging in a fairy kingdom ballroom and of I’m always here for anything that gives me fairy kingdom vibes. (#interiorfairytale, amiright?)

3. Poppy Vintage Botanical Illustration Tee by Living Five Elements

The vintage apothecary florals on this t-shirt by Living Five Elements are pretty and feminine, yet still convey a witchy edge. Are they ingredients for a powerful potion or elixir? Maybe. Either way, this shirt takes spring florals to a really cool place for those of us who want to skip the typical floral blouse or sundress this spring.

4. Large Brass Moon Necklace Crescent Necklace by Dynamo

Large Brass Moon Necklace Crescent Necklace Crescent Pendant Moon Statement Necklace Raw Stone Necklace Raw Crystal Necklace Raw Amethyst.jpg

This is not the first time I’ve featured Dynamo on Moda Misfit, and it probably won’t be the last. Their jewelry looks like it possesses magical powers (which is why I featured them in my post “13 Boho Necklaces That Look Like They Could Cast Spells”), and they’re perfect for when you want to make a statement with your jewelry.

On top of that, their Instagram game is top-notch. I highly recommend you follow them, not only because they post super pretty photos of their jewelry but because they are also just lovely to interact with over there!

5. Wood and Glass Terrarium Planter by Mundane Home

Spring is a nice opportunity to take your edgy look to a more earthy place - maybe it’s even time to dabble in the whole crazy plant lady lifestyle! I re-shared this Refinery 29 video on the Moda Misfit Facebook page over the weekend, which provides a fun glimpse into what it would be like to get started on plant motherhood!

Or you can be like me and buy a cute apothecary style vase like this one from Mundane Home and simply put faux plants in it. No shame in avoiding being a plant murderer. ✌

6. Listen to the Wind Blow Poster Print by Stay Classic Blog

“Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise”… I can’t think of better lyrics for embracing spring and your witchy edge at the same time. Stevie Nicks is pretty much the queen of the witch aesthetic, is she not?

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know that I own this print, which you can see pictured below. I absolutely love it - the font, the lyrics, everything. It’s simple yet edgy and perfect for the spirit of spring.

rustic living room decor with witch aesthetic

If you spend any time on Pinterest, specifically with any bohemian-style searches, chances are you’ve seen Northwood Supply’s work before. Every time I encounter one of their pieces, I start entertaining the idea of completely redecorating my entire apartment and going full boho with it. I’m not going to, calm down! But man, Northwood Supply makes it tempting.

If you’re looking for a witchy, desert bohemian look for your home, I highly recommend you check them out. And for some top-notch boho decor inspiration, you should follow them on Instagram! We’re talking supreme boho goals. 👌

8. Dried Flower Pendant Necklace by Shiny Little Blessings

A pressed flower pendant that looks like it’s probably enchanted? Sign me the eff up.

This necklace by Shiny Little Blessings perfectly embodies what I’m trying to achieve with this blog post - finding items that convey the strength and power of the witch aesthetic while embracing the femininity of spring fashion. There’s something so romantic about pressed flowers - they’re pretty and delicate, yet there’s something mystical and haunting about them as well.

9. Macrame Wall Hanging by Oh My Knot

If you want to start this spring off with a new piece of wall decor, a macrame wall hanging makes a cool, boho statement that’s perfect for spring. It’s a chic way to embrace your inner hippie-girl while supporting the artists who put their everything into creating such detailed, beautiful work. A piece of macrame wall art packs a ton of power, in its aesthetic and it’s story of creation!

Do you enjoy rocking an edgy style, but wonder what to do with it when spring comes around? Do you have anything fun on your decor or fashion wish list this spring? Tell me in the comments below!


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