What I Wore to the Concert: Jack White


Does anyone else out there kind of love the ringing in your ears that follows an extremely loud concert?

It's like physical proof of the fact that you were there and you can still feel it. I figure if I'm not half-deaf by age 50, the music wasn't loud enough.


I saw Jack White perform at the WaMu Theater here in Seattle recently, and man, he got me a little closer to being half-deaf by 50. He kicked so much ass, and he kicked my ass LOUDLY. I loved every second of it. Jack White is proof of what I like to say about rock and roll these days: rock and roll isn't dead. It's alive and kicking. And screaming. And Jack White may be screaming it the loudest.

Aside from the actual experience of going to a concert, another aspect I enjoy is the style side of things. A live show allows you the opportunity to put together an outfit that expresses a more creative, edgier side of yourself - a side that's directly inspired by the music. And that's just fun to embrace.


When I was talking about Moda Misfit to a friend of mine a few weeks ago, she mentioned that one of the topics she’d want inspiration for is concert style. She told me she never seems to know what to actually wear to a concert.

It is actually a bit of a style conundrum, because you want to feel like you look cool, but you also need to be comfortable, since you’ll likely be on your feet the whole time and even possibly in a mosh pit situation. Wearing uncomfortable shoes and overly constrictive clothes can really put a damper on what should be an amazing experience.

So how do you look and feel cool yet stay comfortable at a concert? Well, I’ll walk you through my process. I’ll also link some inexpensive things that you can buy right now to create an instant concert look. (And actually, in addition to what's linked below, the looks in my post Season of the Witch: 8 Low-key Ways to Wear the Witch Aesthetic would be great for a concert look as well.)

First of all, if you want things to made extremely simple, here’s one thing you can do for an easy concert look: head to toe black.

I swear, if you’re all about the music and you want to put the least possible amount of thought into your outfit but still feel like you have a cool concert-worthy edge to your outfit, just wear all black. Black skinny jeans and a black tee will suffice, and if you want to have a little more fun with it, add a statement necklace. Done.

Black shirt, black jeans, black leather jacket, and a statement necklace. Easy and comfortable.

Black shirt, black jeans, black leather jacket, and a statement necklace. Easy and comfortable.

And actually, that’s what I did for Jack White. I love putting together a full-on rock and roll outfit for live music, but there are situations where I feel like a low-key vibe works best for me. In Jack White’s case, his show was on a Monday night. That really was it. I don’t feel like going all-out on Monday nights. In fact, I don’t like going out of my apartment on Monday nights. So my Monday mood called for a more laid back style, and I was happy and comfortable.

If you're down for something a bit more edgy, love experimenting with your style, and want to go all-out with your concert outfit, here are some things you can buy right now that’ll make you feel like a rock goddess.

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Whatever you end up wearing, at the end of the day what really matters is, of course, the music. You could go to a show in a paper bag, and that would be fine. Hell, that might even be pretty rock and roll of you. For me, personal style and music go hand in hand. As the artist belts out their own act of self expression through their music, why not express yourself through your style at the same time? 

What's your go-to concert style? Do you like to go all-out or are you more into keeping it simple and comfortable? Let me know in the comments!


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